Book review

TITLE OF THE BOOK:   Christmas Carol

AUTHOR: Charles Dickens

PUBLISHER: Mango Classics

CHARACTERS: Ebenezer Scrooge ,Bob Cratchitt, Tiny Tim, Jacob Marley's
ghost, Ghost of Christmas past, Ghost of Christmas present and Ghost
of Christmas yet to come


Ebenezer Scrooge was an old miserable miser. He never liked to talk to
any one. Whenever somebody greeted him he will get angry and scold
them. Bob Cratchitt worked for him. He hated him because Scrooge asked
him to work even for Christmas day. The day before Christmas whenscrooge was going to bed, the ghost of Jacob Marley- his friend whohelped him start the shop suddenly appeared before him. He was wrappedin chains. He said to Scrooge that if he didn't do good deeds he willalso be like him. saying this he disappeared. like this way theghost's of Christmas past, present and yet to come appeared and showedhim how alone and miserable he was, he is and he will be if he doesnot do any good deeds. Tiny Tim was Bob's son. He's handicapped. theghost's even showed if he didn't change his habits the boy will die.and at the end of story, Scrooge changed. He was finally happy that his life turned out really great.

by Anshika Augustine

                                                  -      SUDHA MURTY

The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk: Life Stories From Here And There covers 23 short stories collected from the life experiences of Sudha Murthy. The book's cover story introduces readers to a family living in Odisha. The author once stayed with them while she visited the village. As a guest she is served with the family's hospitality with some food and drink. The family was totally flustered when she asked for a glass of milk which they were unable to provide. The characters are ordinary people whom she has met in office, at home, in her village, during a journey and so on. Each story has a different focus. There’s a heart-warming story that deals with a Muslim boy being adopted by a Hindu family who insists he be brought up in his own faith; there’s a tale of a man who took a personal loan from Sudha Murty. He gave promise to return it, and refused to do so after going to U.S.A. years later. There are stories about villagers with exemplary courage to serve their own people by setting up services like providing water for baths, all for free.  Three ponds are about the sacrifices of three different women for providing water to others. No man’s garden is about a rich farmer growing vegetables in a wasteland for the poor and needy. Sticky bottoms are about her friend whose only concern is talking about him.     
 In her Life Sudha Murthy met some fascinating personalities whose lives have helped her making some stories. For instance, we take Vishnu, who always achieves every material success but never knows happiness. The last story in the book is Life’s Secret Lessons where the author learns seven lessons in life.                                                                                                       In a book that is perhaps meant to target all age groups, Murty’s writing has a way of being easily accessible and readable. The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk: Life Stories from Here And There was Published by Penguin India in 2013.
                                                                     -  REVIEW BY GURUPRIYA P.K
                                                                                     CLASS   IX